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3 Things To Know About CBD Dosing

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and antipsychotic – which is great, until you decide you’d like to try CBD but aren’t really sure how to use it.

The TOTAL amount of CBD is shown on the container

CBD is sold similar to tinctures, not like medication. 

Ibuprofen, for example, is sold as 200 mg pills. This means that every pill contains 200mg of ibuprofen.

CBD, like other tinctures, is different. If a CBD tincture is listed as 350 mg, that means the entire bottle contains 350 mg.

Take a look at these tinctures from our shop:

Even though both are 1 ounce bottles, the first contains a total of 350 mg CBD, whereas the second contains a total of 1500 mg CBD.

This means that one dropperful of the 1500 tincture contains significantly more CBD than the same amount of the 350 tincture. 

This is true even if the CBD isn’t a tincture. Take our popular gummies, for instance. 

These gummies contain a total of 250 mg CBD in the entire package, not per gummy.

Dosing changes based on your body & symptoms

Just like with dogs, bigger humans need more CBD than smaller humans. 

Curious how your body changes the recommended dose? Check out this awesome calculator from Daily CBD.

This chart is especially helpful:

Start small, work up

You’ll see this recommendation from us over and over again: Start small, then work up every 2-3 days until you start to experience results.

The great thing about CBD is that the benefits will actually compound, so you may find you need a bigger does to address symptoms, but as time goes on you actually need less.

Be flexible with your dosing, and be patient as you find the right dose for you.

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CBD products not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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CBD Dosing Calculator

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