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3 Things To Know Before Buying CBD Online

You can buy almost anything online. And CBD is no different.

At Holden Farms we pride ourselves in selling only the very best CBD on the market. Whether you buy from us or from another reliable seller, here are three things to know before you buy CBD online.

Make sure it contains .3% or less THC!

The passage of the federal Farm Bill doesn’t mean all marijuana is legal in all 50 states. Only hemp-derived CBD with a THC level of .3% or less is no longer illegal. (In short, no ≠ yes)

“ The federal Farm Bill approved last year removed hemp from the Controlled Substances Act, which means that it is no longer illegal under federal law. ”


Know the law in your state

While hemp-derived CBD is no longer illegal nationwide, each state has various laws around the possession and distribution of CBD. Be sure to check the law in your state before purchasing CBD!

Not all CBD is created equal

In a 2017 Penn State study, researchers showed that nearly 70% of CBD purchased online was mislabeled.

CBD is not currently regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, which means anyone can put any type of CBD on the market and claim it as a proper CBD supplement.

This simply isn’t true. Not all CBD is created equal.

Have you ever tried to purchase the same paint color twice? There’s no regulation on paint colors, so you may buy the same cream colored paint and actually get eggshell and sand instead.

CBD is the same way. Since there’s no regulation, users have to rely on the integrity of the creator to ensure a safe, effective, and trustworthy product.

So why should I trust Holden Farms with your CBD purchases?

The Holden Farms team includes master growers, scientists, and medical consultants to vet each product we offer. Our shop only contains products which pass our strict quality assurance process, and only products we would use ourselves.

We take the science behind CBD seriously.

And we take people seriously, too. Our CBD shop contains products we recommend to people we love, and now you. Afterall, now you’re part of the Holden Farm family too.

Statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
CBD products not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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