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5 of Our Favorite CBD Salves

CBD Salves are an easy way to use CBD, especially if you’re new to the benefits of cannabidiol.

CBD is often used to help pain and inflammation. While we often hear about CBD tinctures or CBD gummies, CBD salves are another great way to benefit from this naturally occurring pain reliever.

When folks first try CBD, they’re often worried about the side effects. While the side effects of CBD are quite minimal, most happen when ingesting CBD. Using a salve is a great way to bypass any potential side effects and jump straight to finding relief.

Here are 5 of our favorite CBD Salves:

Flower Child Salve 1000

One of the original salves in our shop was Flower Child’s CBD Salve 1000.  This healing salve can help your sore joints and muscles because CBD is an excellent anti-inflammatory.  Apply the salve to knees, ankles, elbows and hands.  It will also ease muscle pain in necks, shoulders, things and calves.   The CBD with healing herbs can also be used on scrapes, blisters, and cuts. 

Flower Child Salve 350

350mg of CBD combined with natural herbs gives relief for muscle and joint aches and pains from arthritis or injury.   It’s healing powers are wonderful for scrapes, cuts and blisters.  It’s safe, natural and effective. 

This salve is less potent than the 1000, so if you’re brand new to CBD and feeling a little nervous, this is a great option to get started.

Menthol Ice Roll on CBD+CBG

This powerful roll on from Flower Child contains CBD and CBG.  The roll on absorbs quickly to give relief to sore muscles and achy joints. The menthol ice will help congestion as well. 

CBG is another powerful cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. While some folks see relief from CBD only, the pairing of two cannabinoids makes this a potent punch.

Allay Body Butter

This soothing luxurious CBD-infused body butter is a favorite for the self-care enthusiast.  Allay body butter quickly absorbs to relieve muscle tension and soreness, joint pain, and skin conditions.   It is rich with fragrances of orange, mint, and chocolate.  This is a certified organic product.  A little bit goes a long way. 

Tattoo Balm

Get relief from the pain of a tattoo with Tattoo Balm with CBD and CBG.  Combined with Bacitracin Zinc you will have a quicker recovery time with this moisture and bacteria-free balm.  This can also be used on cuts and scrapes, blisters and bruises, and other skin conditions.

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