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Marijuana use athletes

Athletes allowed marijuana use!

Doping and WADA        Athletes doping

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is the most prestigious sports regulator.  They are the watch dog for the sports world that oversees testing for doping and they create policies and regulations that all athletes must follow. WADA ruled that athletes may now use   a component of the marijuana plant Cannabidiol or CBD.  Athletes may no use these products without punishment or fear of being suspended from competition.

Boxers use CBD'sBoxer’s use a component of marijuana

The world of professional boxing has accepted the use of CBD  as a performance booster and to aid in recovery time.  At least two pro boxers from the US publicly use CBD in their training regimes, and both are tirelessly promoting the new supplement on the media. Lightweight Teofimo Lopez at the beginning of his promising career and the veteran heavyweight Shannon Briggs are American boxing’s CBD ambassadors.

Marijuana no longer demonized by WADA Marijuana

Olympic Athletes have been plagued by past offenses of marijuana use. Back in 1998 Ross Rebagliati, a snow boarder from Canada was disqualified after testing positive for THC. WADA was formed a year later and  of course we all remember the photos that went viral of Michael Phelps in 2009 smoking a bong. He had to make a public apology.  Now WADA has changed its policy for both CBD’s and THC

Stress Reduction CBD's reduce stress

Athletes have reported the benefits of CBD’s oils in pain management and recovery time.  Athletes have  also reported that CBD oils reduce stress and anxiety.  Some athletes go further to extol the virtues of CBD’s ability to control appetite for weight loss and weight gain.

Marijuana helps speed up recovery time 

CBD’s have been in use for chronic pain and arthritis for many people.   Athletes can now enjoy the benefits without fear of suspension from WADA.  The reports that CBD’s speed up physical recovery time  is good news for weekend warrior athletes. We at Holden Farms find this promising for sure.


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