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Can CBD Help Cocaine Addiction?

Can CBD Help Cocaine Addiction?

CBD has been around for many years, but only recently have scientists started researching it. So when new studies come out, we’re curious to see their findings. 

CBD, Cocaine, and Rats

In May of 2020, scientists published a paper showing positive effects of CBD for cocaine addicted rats.

Ewa Galaj, Guo-Hua Bi, Hong-Ju Yang, and Zheng-Xiong Xi found that CBD “shifted cocaine dose-response curve downward” – meaning the rats didn’t need that reinforcement of cocaine as frequently.

The researchers also found CBD reduced the effect of cocaine-induced brain stimulation.

According to the researchers, “These findings suggest that CBD may have certain therapeutic utility by blunting the acute rewarding effects of cocaine via a DA-dependent mechanism.”

CBD & Meth

This recent study supports an independent 2019 study on CBD as a treatment for cocaine and meth. Researchers found that CBD actually reversed cocaine induced toxicity and seizures.

“CBD has reversed toxicity and seizures induced by cocaine, behavioural sensitization induced by amphetamines, motivation to self-administer cocaine and METH, context- and stress-induced reinstatement of cocaine and priming-induced reinstatement of METH seeking behaviours. “

The researchers cited another study where “Observational studies suggest that CBD may reduce problems related with crack-cocaine addiction, such as withdrawal symptoms, craving, impulsivity and paranoia.”

So what’s next?

The FDA still has an awkward relationship with CBD. While CBD became legal in the 2018 Farm Bill, approval to try CBD as treatment for almost any ailment has yet to gain the traction needed.

In fact, most of these studies are coming out of nations other than the United States.

While there’s not enough evidence yet to consider CBD a tried and true treatment for cocaine and meth addiction, it is worth noting the early evidence of success shown in these (and other) studies. Researchers continue to discover the incredible properties of CBD. This is just the beginning.

Hope for future addiction relief is promising, and we’re hopeful that CBD continues to prove helpful in treatment.

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