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Can CBD Help Fight Coronavirus?

Can CBD Help Fight Coronavirus?

Recent research in Canada is showing early promise in the fight against Coronavirus.

The Independent reported:

“According to the researchers, the effective strains have, in some instances, managed to reduce virus receptors, which reduces the chance for an individual to catch coronavirus.”


While we don’t want to promise CBD is the cure for Coronavirus, we do have encouraging (admittedly subjective) testimonials from a few of our favorite clients who have used CBD to help their COVID-19 recovery. 

“I was introduced to CBD while recovering from COVID19, about 6 weeks ago. I was struggling with post-viral exhaustion but couldn’t sleep. Peter and Sandi Holden came to visit and dropped off some yummy food and a bottle of Z-Lift CBD tincture to try.

I had never tried CBD before so I cautiously started with a very small amount to see how my body would react: that was enough to get the restful sleep I so much needed! I felt totally rested and not drowsy at all the next morning. I worked my way up to 1/2 a dropper within a week and now I sleep through the night every night and feel rested! My joints are also less stiff and my blood pressure is not spiking like it did in the past few months.

I’m truly impressed by the short term results and will continue to recommend this product to anybody struggling with anxiety, insomnia and/or inflammation!

Thank you Peter and Sandi and HoldenFarmsCBD.com for being such caring humans and for knowing which product would benefit me most!”

We spoke with another customer who kept going on about how much CBD has helped her coronavirus recovery. Nothing worked for WEEKS, until she tried CBD. Here’s what she had to say:

“Can I just say I LOVE HOLDEN FARMS. Cuz I LOOOOOVE Holden Farms.

First of all, I ordered a CBD cream to help my father. He has arthritis in his hand and nothing has helped. He’s honestly just one of those “tough guys” who was grinning and bearing it and I couldn’t stand it anymore. He started using the cream and now uses it religiously. It’s the only thing that has helped him.

THEN, this winter/spring, I got very sick with what my friends and family are calling Covid’s angry cousin Karen. I had a super hard time breathing for 7 1/2 weeks. Then, I started taking a daily CBD tincture and drinking a daily CBD tea and at 8 1/2 weeks, I turned the corner and started breathing without using my inhaler every 4-6 hours.

I’m a SUPER skeptical gal. Always have been… but honestly, I didn’t see a way out of being sick and all of a sudden, I just started being able to breathe so much more freely.

None of these are medical claims. They are just my personal and my father’s personal experiences with these phenomenal products.”

If you feel like CBD might be the right choice for you, we recommend a tincture in warm soup to get you started. The two individuals above used these:

Let us know if you’ve used CBD to help battle Coronavirus! We’ll get through this together. 

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