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Can CBD Help Perimenopause?

How can CBD help perimenopausal women?

CBD is an excellent anti-inflammatory and because many of the side effects of perimenopause are caused by inflammation, CBD can help bring relief.

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Let’s talk about  “The Change” as my grandmother would call it.  Of course it would be more of a whisper than a loud declaration. 

“The change” or “The Change of life”  is menopause and if your aren’t comfortable with the topic ….well ladies …it is as inevitable as death and taxes for every woman.

The good news is there are some promising things to talk about in menopause research.  

For starters, there actually is research that is growing and doctors are a finally listening to women instead of turning a deaf ear. 

CBD shows some promise of helping women reduce symptoms that make “The Change” so difficult. 

But first let’s talk about what menopause actually is!

Menopause is basically the 1 year anniversary of a woman not having her period. 

12 months of no menstrual cycle!  

For many women, it can be time for celebration.  

But for some women it can be depressing and full of symptoms that are painful and difficult to manage. 

The symptoms typically associated with menopause really begin several years before menopause and this is known as perimenopause or menopausal transition .

Perimenopause can start an average of 4 years before menopause and it can be even longer. 

What happens to our bodies at this time? 

Let’s start from the beginning …

We women are born with all of our eggs.  They mature at puberty and are released once a month and continue until we start going through perimenopause, 

In perimenopause, the eggs or ovulation are more sporadic and may not happen once a month as the eggs are running low.  

This infrequent ovulation causes fluctuations in the hormones, estrogen and progesterone. The hormone changes in our body causes neurochemical changes in the brain and inflammation in our molecules.

All of this hormonal variation means we experience a myriad of symptoms and they can vary from woman to woman…

such as having more hair on your face and thinning hair on your head.  

There can be changes in our periods.  They can be shorter or longer or they can be lighter or heavier.  They can occur more often or less often.  So you could go a few months without a period or you can have two periods in 30 days.  YEP.! 

The hot topic of conversation for women of a certain age of course is HOT flashes or night sweats.  These seem to be the most common symptoms and sadly can last for many years and for some they can be quite intense. 

There are other more serious symptoms including; loss of sleep, weight gain, 

vaginal dryness, painful sex, mood swings, trouble focusing, memory loss, inflammation in joints and muscles and loss of bone density. 

The lack of hormones can also increase risk of heart disease. 

How can CBD give relief to perimenopausal women?  

Well CBD is an excellent anti-inflammatory and because many of the side effects of perimenopause mentioned above are caused by inflammation, CBD can help.

There are different ways to take CBD.  You can have CBD tea to help with sleep or you can take an oral tincture. Or you can try CBD gummies that have other essential vitamins and minerals. 

For inflammation of joints and muscles, you can use topical creams or salves.  You can also find vaginal CBD creams that help with dryness and pain. 

Don’t get too discouraged by all the symptoms.   There is light at the end of perimenopause  tunnel. 

A recent UK study of post menopausal women found that 80% of women surveyed reported feeling more freedom than they ever had before.  82% feel just as feminine, 72% feel just as attractive and 60% reported they feel better than ever.  

If you are having symptoms, and need a place to start a conversation,  go to healthilne.com and search for the “top menopause blogs of 2020”

For the latest science studies go to NIH.org

And of course Holden Farms CBD for products and more information on CBD and perimenopause.

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