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Can CBD Help Your Anxious Dog Deal With Fireworks?

Can CBD Help Your Anxious Dog Deal With Fireworks?

Did you know dogs, just like humans, have an endocannabinoid system?

And just like humans, dogs respond quite well to cannabidiol (CBD).

Do you have an anxious dog?

Dogs are prone to two types of anxiety: behavioral and situational.

Behavioral anxiety

Behavioral anxiety doesn’t necessarily have an obvious “cause.” Your dog could simply have anxiety. Behavioral anxiety may look like trembling or inability to control bowels or even just pacing or whimpering.

Situational anxiety

Situational anxiety has a cause: travel, thunderstorms, or even fireworks. While the symptoms may be the same as behavioral anxiety, situational anxiety has an obvious cause.

Dogs and fireworks

Independence Day in the United States is a common time for fireworks. And many of our beloved pets experience anxiety during the loud, unpredictable, and often ill-timed displays of patriotism.

For many years we’ve given our own dogs CBD before dark to help deal with firework related anxiety. It’s been the most helpful solution we’ve ever discovered. And the science backs it up.

Dogs and CBD

Is CBD safe for dogs?

Dogs tolerate CBD well, though just like in humans more research is needed. However, in every study we could find, the side effects were incredibly mild.

It’s important to remind you that THC is NOT safe for dogs. Please be sure that you’re giving your dog a high quality, verified CBD oil with minimal THC. (We like these for our own pets.)

What’s the best way to give CBD to dogs?

A study found “oral CBD-infused oil provides the most favorable pharmacokinetic profile.”

Tinctures are the easiest way to give your dog oral CBD-infused oil. Tinctures can be mixed in with your pet’s favorite treat, or even dropped directly into your pets mouth.

How much CBD should you give your dog? 

Around 2 mg/kg. Start small and increase the dose until you find the most effective dose for your dog.


If your dog seems to get anxious around fireworks or loud noises, try CBD to help them better cope with the stress of the unpredictable booms. (Because no one wants to celebrate independence by cleaning up after an anxious pet.)

If your pet is experiencing anxiety, especially as it relates to situational anxiety, we recommend these products:

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