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CBD and UV Light Treatment

In a recent study, the impact of CBD on UV light treated skin was researched. UV light is often used as treatment for skin diseases such as psoriasis.

The researchers discovered “the use of CBD on unchanged skin may be suggested as a protective factor to reduce the metabolic changes caused by UV radiation in unchanged keratinocytes.” (Source)

This study was performed on rats, so human trials are still necessary, but the early research is promising.

CBD essentially normalizes unchanged skin when undergoing UV light treatment, offering a protective layer that keeps everything functioning properly.

This is great news for those undergoing UV light treatment for skin diseases.

UV light is also emitted from the sun, damaging skin and affecting cell metabolism. The study found negative effects of UV radiation were reversed or greatly diminished by CBD.

While human trials are still necessary to scientifically prove these early findings, CBD’s impact on UV affected skin is promising.

If you’re curious to try CBD on your skin, we recommend topical products like these:

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