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CBD Dosing: How much CBD is right for me?

Whether you’re new to the CBD world or an old pro, you’ve probably wondered what CBD dosage is right for you. 

And while we’d love for this blog post to be two paragraphs long, CBD dosing isn’t quite that simple. 

There’s no hard and fast rule for CBD dosing, but there are a few factors to remove some of the confusion. 

CBD may help a variety of ailments

Early research is showing a positive improvement of symptoms for things like insomnia, epilepsy, mental health issues like anxiety, and pain issues like MS. 

Nothing on our site should ever be construed as medical advice, but we do enjoy sharing interesting and credible research to help you draw your own conclusions. If you’ve never used CBD before, consult a physician before you try CBD.

How much CBD should I use?

When determining how much CBD you should use, there are CBD factors and individual factors to consider. Let’s break it down. 

CBD factors to consider when choosing the dosage right for you

CBD Concentration 

CBD concentration is measured in milligrams (mg). A therapeutic dose of CBD is around 200-250mg. While less may still help you find relief, you may find you need to use more or use it more frequently. 

On the flip side, a large concentration can be slightly wasteful. If your CBD is over 2000mg, your body will use what it needs and then remove the excess. Similar to water-soluble vitamins, your body will eliminate any excess CBD so excessively high concentrations of CBD are a waste of time and money. 

Pro Tip: Look for CBD with a concentration between 200-1500mg.

CBD Delivery Method

When determining the proper CBD dosage for your body, the delivery method is important to consider. A topical ointment may provide relief in some situations, while a tincture or edible may be more effective for others. 

Determine where you’re seeking relief, then determine which CBD delivery method will be most effective. Internal issues like insomnia or anxiety may respond better to internal delivery methods like a tincture. External issues like pain or tattoo relief may respond better to a topical salve. 

Individual factors to consider when choosing CBD dosage

All bodies are different, so all bodies react to CBD differently too. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing your CBD dosage. 

Remember – what works for your neighbor or your mom might not work the same for you, so be patient and willing to adjust. 

Symptom Level

If you’re looking for relief for a mild pain issue you’ll want to take less CBD than if you’re seeking relief for major pain. If you’re experiencing mild anxiety your dose will be less than someone with major anxiety and depression. 

Consider your symptoms. Are they mild or major, or somewhere inbetween? The level of your symptoms will change the right CBD dosage for you. 

Pro Tip: Start with a small dose and make slight increases until you find a dosage that works for you. 

CBD Sensitivity

Have you ever wondered why some people need 4-5 hours of sleep and others need 9-10 hours to function properly? Sometimes it’s because our sensitivity to sleep is different. 

CBD is the same! A small dose may be effective for someone with high CBD sensitivity while it may do nothing for someone with a high tolerance or low sensitivity. 

Your body may need more CBD to provide a positive impact than you expected. Just as with your symptom level, start small and increase until you find your tolerance level. 

Body Composition

We love all body types here. Weight is not an indication of your value as a human being. But it may change the amount of CBD you may need to help with your symptoms. If you weigh 150 lbs you may not need as much CBD as someone who weighs 250 lbs. 

Again – you matter no matter your weight. Just make sure you take that number into consideration when determining how much CBD is right for you. 

CBD has a cumulative effect

The benefits of CBD increase over time. This means that the longer you use CBD, the less you’ll need to use over time. 

Even small doses under a therapeutic effect can add up for massive long term benefits. Find something that gives you relief now, and remember that consistent use over time may change the way you use CBD. 

If CBD doesn’t seem to be helping as you expected…

If you’ve tried CBD but it doesn’t seem to be giving you the results you hoped for, try these things before giving up: 

  • Check concentration
  • Increase dosage
  • Decrease time between usage
  • Try a different delivery method 

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