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CBD News Roundup

CBD News

We’ve rounded up some of the most interesting topics on CBD this week for you. Check out the latest on cannabidiol research and CBD oil.

Israel Researchers Exploring Connection Between CBD and Covid-19

Researchers in Israel are working on several clinical trials testing the efficacy of CBD when used as a treatment for COVID-19. Scientists are particularly interested in how the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD may be able to repair damaged cells.


France vs EU: Should The CBD Ban in France Be Lifted?

In a legal opinion shared Thursday, an adviser to the Court of Justice of the European Union argued France’s CBD ban is in direct opposition of the EU law on the free movement of goods. France currently allows use of hemp plants for fiber and seeds. A ruling is expected later in the year.


CBD and Autism – Too Early To Be Excited?

More research around CBD and autism is coming out this week. While it’s still too early to draw correlation, the early research is promising. Researchers are seeing positive results, but are struggling to determine whether those positive results are an effect of CBD or a placebo effect. Jury’s still out on this one, but it’s an interesting case to follow.


CBD and Brain Cancer – Early Results Are Promising

Research being performed at Colorado State University is showing promising results in treating glioblastoma with CBD. Researchers are using CBD on both dog and human cancer cells, both of which are showing slowed growth when CBD is used. This story is particularly interesting because researchers are testing both CBD isolate and CBD extract, both of which are showing positive results. This is a big deal because it means CBD doesn’t have to be purely isolated for effective results.


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