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CBD Products for
People and Pets

CBD health and pet products are one of the
fastest growing businesses in the world.

The US Chamber of Commerce estimates growth in the CBD industry to top

$30 Billion a year by 2023

Be part of the $30 billion industry

Many businesses like yours are taking advantage by supplying their customers with sought-after CBD products.

Retailers are tasked with figuring out:

Holden Farms Wholesale is here to help

At Holden Farms, we take CBD seriously.

We only work with CBD companies we independently test and vet. 

All wholesale CBD products sold through Holden Farms have been tested for efficacy and high quality.

We also vet the CBD companies themselves to make sure they operate ethically and have the infrastructure in place to meet the needs of our exclusive clients.

We are constantly in search of new products and companies to make sure you and your customers have access to the best CBD products on the market. And all at a price that allows you to offer your customers good value and your company a healthy profit.

Ready to get started?

Start with an easy qualifying application, low dollar minimum purchase to qualify for wholesale ($500 per order), and no minimum on individual products included. 

In other words, mix and match products that work for you and the amount your business needs.

Holden Farms CBD makes it easy and affordable to get into the growing CBD market and help businesses like yours take advantage of one of the biggest booms in health and pet products in a generation.

Start making money with CBD today.

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