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COVID-19, Steroids, and CBD – Here’s what you need to know.

Steroids are showing promise as a treatment for COVID-19.

According to an NPR article published September 2, 2020, 

“Three new studies strongly support using inexpensive and widely available drugs to treat people who are seriously ill with COVID-19. The drugs are steroids, and the research published Wednesday confirms they are proving to be the most effective treatment found to date.”


What is a steroid?

According to Cleveland Clinic, “Steroids work by decreasing inflammation and reducing the activity of the immune system.”

Essentially, steroids calm everything down, reduce inflammation, and give your body a chance to function at a higher level.

Sound familiar? 

Can CBD help COVID?

This is a good question because anecdotal evidence is showing improvement in people using CBD to help COVID. 

We prefer to share information that has been peer-reviewed… But we also know our country is running out of time and resources as we deal with (or try to deal with) the Coronavirus pandemic. A study out of Canada is showing a positive correlation between CBD and coronavirus. It has yet to be peer reviewed.

Anecdotally, we’re seeing incredible improvement for our customers, friends, and family who are using CBD to recover from COVID-19.

Here’s what one of our customers shared:

I was introduced to CBD while recovering from COVID19, about 6 weeks ago. I was struggling with post viral exhaustion but couldn’t sleep. Peter and Sandi Holden came to visit and dropped off some yummy food and a bottle of Z-Lift CBD tincture to try.

I had never tried CBD before so I cautiously started with a very small amount to see how my body would react: that was enough to get the restful sleep I so much needed! I felt totally rested and not drowsy at all the next morning. I worked my way up to 1/2 a dropper within a week and now I sleep through the night every night and feel rested!

My joints are also less stiff and my blood pressure is not spiking like it did in the past few months.

I’m truly impressed by the short term results and will continue to recommend this product to anybody struggling with anxiety, insomnia and/or inflammation!

Thank you Peter and Sandi and HoldenFarmsCBD.com for being such caring humans and for knowing which product would benefit me most!

Should you try CBD for your positive COVID test?

Steroids are helping COVID-19 patients. The whole purpose of steroids is to reduce inflammation. CBD’s main claim to health is its anti-inflammatory properties. CBD works because it reduces inflammation.

While there aren’t peer-reviewed studies to draw the correlation between the two, if you’re struggling with COVID-19, you may consider researching more the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD to determine if it might be right for you.

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CBD products not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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