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DEA expanding cannabis research facilities

Did you know the University of Mississippi is the only entity federally licensed to produce marijuana for research?

You might be wondering How can research happen from only one facility?

And that’s a great question.

The University of Mississippi is doing great work with cannabis research. But that’s a lot of pressure for just one facility. The cannabis plant is capable of so many health benefits, doesn’t it make sense to allow research to happen from more than one place?

In a great move, the DEA announced Monday they’re expanding research facility applications.

The Drug Enforcement Administration today announced that it is moving forward to facilitate and expand scientific and medical research for marijuana in the United States. 

Over the last two years, the total number of individuals registered by DEA to conduct research with marijuana, marijuana extracts, derivatives and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) has increased by more than 40 percent from 384 in January 2017 to 542 in January 2019. Similarly, in the last two years, DEA has more than doubled the production quota for marijuana each year based on increased usage projections for federally approved research projects.


What does cannabis research mean for you?

Cannabis research means less stigma. Research means greater understanding and more accurate information. When we’re armed with information we can battle stigma rooted in fear.

Cannabis research also means improved regulation. Cannabis isn’t regulated, which means companies can unethically claim CBD while not including any (or very little) cannabidiol in their products. At Holden Farms we strictly self-regulate – we want you to have the best products available. Quality matters. And with cannabis research comes improved regulation, resulting in improved quality.

Cannabis research yields improved healing. As this miracle plant is researched more, we’ll start to understand even better how cannabis and its cannabidiols can heal us and improve our lives.

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