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How to get started with CBD

How to get started with CBD

CBD is nature’s best anti-inflammatory with anti-bacterial properties. Several peer reviewed studies have proved this over and over.

No matter how you take it, CBD essentially does the same thing for your body. There are three popular ways to add CBD into your health and wellness regimen.

We’ll recommend some of our favorite products in this article. All our products are recently discounted as well, giving you a great opportunity to try out CBD in your life.

Use CBD Orally

Popular CBD products include oral tinctures. Tinctures are typically taken underneath the tongue, or mixed with a spoonful of peanut butter.

Using CBD under your tongue gets to the bloodstream faster. Tinctures are great for vascular, internal joints, and brain issues. (This is why you give tinctures to your dogs.)

When dosing CBD tinctures, start small and work your way up. Half a dropper is a good place to start.

Here are some of our favorite CBD tinctures:

Use CBD Internally

Using CBD edibles isn’t as complicated as it sounds. You’re simply ingesting the CBD in an easy-to-consume way, like tea or gummies.

Edibles are great if you’re dealing with stomach or digestion issues. A warm CBD tea following a meal is a great way to settle your stomach and help with indigestion.

Internal CBD use takes a little longer to take effect, since your body needs to digest it before it gets into your system. (If you need quicker relief, use a tincture.)

Try out internal CBD in tea form:

Use CBD Topically

Topical CBD use is a great way to start using CBD. Topical CBD products include salves or rub-ons.

When determining dosage for topical CBD, use enough to cover area affected, then reapply as needed.

CBD works great for arthritis, fibromyalgia, and even relief following a tattoo.

How long do you have to use CBD before you see results?

We wish this were a cut and dry answer. However, it really depends on you and your endocannabinoid system. One of the most interesting things about CBD is the longer you use it, the less you need it.

If you’re a daily pot smoker, you’ll need less CBD.

If you’re a total CBD virgin, there’s a period where you have to fill up the endocannabinoid system first.

Try your dosage for a week. About 85% of people who try CBD see results within a week or so.

If you try it for a week and it doesn’t help, CBD may not work for you. If you happen to not see results with CBD, try a different cannabinoid, like CBG.

Where should I start with CBD?

Use CBD where you’re needing relief. If you’re not sure where to begin, take our free quiz to see which CBD product is right for you.

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