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Marijuana ok by health department

New York one step closer to marijuana legalization

New York Health Department supports marijuana legalizationMarijuana legalization recommended by New York Health Department

New York is a closer than ever to marijuana legalization for adult use. The Health Department endorses the legalization of marijuana in a statement they released announcing their findings in a comprehensive study that will be published soon. According to  an article appearing in the New York Times , Governor Andrew M. Cuomo who commissioned this report, will be recommending the legalization of marijuana after the Health Department announcement is official.  New York Health Commissioner, Howard Zucker,  made a statement about the study  that marijuana use for adults be legalized because new facts have come to light and the health department now feels the pros out weigh the cons.

New York restricts medical marijuanamarijuana legalization for recreational use

 New York has taken a very cautious and conservative approach to legalization, but with legislation passing in the affirmative in New Jersey and Massachusetts it has aided in shifting the thinking with New York’s powers that be.  Medical marijuana has been legal since 2014  in New York State, but it has been restrictive and over the past four years changes have been made, but smoking of marijuana is not allowed for medical or recreational purposes in New York.  Patients who use medical marijuana must receive it in other forms such as oil tinctures.

Marijuana legalization hurdlesNew York marijuana legalization

The New York Health Department report is by no means a slam dunk for legalizing marijuana.  Even with their endorsement, the New York legislature still has to pass the legalization and with mid term elections around the corner in the fall it will be interesting to see how this will fair.  The republican lead New York senate would be less inclined to move marijuana legalization forward while the democratic led state assembly has given lip service that it will be embraced.  The battle to legalize marijuana will continue in the state of New York.

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