CBD Chocolate Bar | Quinoa Crunch


CBD Chocolate Bar | Quinoa Crunch | 100mg CBD

Indulge in this handcrafted, artisanal Quinoa Crunch CBD Dark Chocolate Bar. This healthy twist on the crispy crunchy variety of chocolate bar is made with 73% Cacao and sweetened with organic Coconut Sugar. It’s an incredibly tasty & guilt-free way to indulge in your daily dose of vitality!

Vital Leaf sources only the finest organic, fair-trade, regenerative and ethically sourced cacao on the planet to ensure we are maximizing the healing potential of our products and that our impact on the environment & people is a positive one. This bar is a special collaboration with our friends at ImLakesh Organics, where we source this puffed Quinoa from a Regenerative farming collective in Bolivia. You can also visit our friends at Yellow Seed to learn more about how to support the regenerative cacao movement.

Ingredients: Organic fair-trade cacao paste, organic fair-trade cacao butter, organic coconut sugar, organic popped quinoa, organically grown hemp-derived CBD, organic vanilla bean, sea salt.
Available in:
Large: 100mg CBD/bar. Ten 10mg servings

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This product, like every product in our shop, contains .3% THC or less.


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This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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