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Seniors and Marijuana

Seniors are becoming more open minded to smoking pot

Seniors embracing marijuanaSeniors embracing marijuana use

Seniors from the Refer madness generation might be re-thinking the propaganda they were spoon fed in their youth.   They are discovering that marijuana may not be the demon weed they were raised to believe it was.  The youngest of the baby boomers will turn 55 next year which means the senior set has been infiltrated with members who are likely more open minded to smoking marijuana.  Most have anecdotally learned it’s benefits from friends and family members undergoing chemo therapy to increase appetite and counteract nausea.  Also being embraced are CBD’s, the non THC derivatives from the cannabis plant that can aid with daily ailments. Both are becoming more widely accepted as an alternative to prescription and over the counter remedies for aches and pains.

Pain relief for seniorsSeniors experience pain relief using marijuana & CBD's

Vallejo, California  has created hybrid activities in community centers for seniors with social activities and  invite speakers who keep them informed on marijuana legislation and the benefits of CBD oils, creams and edibles.  They are encouraged to speak about their own experiences using medical marijuana and CBD’s for pain management.  Many have replaced expensive prescription medications with marijuana and CBD’s.  All of this goes on in the middle of  a clay making class. The clay helps ease anxiety,  the speakers exchange information, the setting gives them an activity and  a place to socialize.

Fastest Growing demoSeniors fastest growing marijuana demo

Seniors in Orange County, California are offered a free bus ride known as the “Cannabus” to a local medical marijuana dispensary that offers senior discounts as well as a great deal of information. It is reported that seniors are the fastest growing demographic using CBD’s and medical marijuana.

Many seniors just want affordable and lasting relief without side effects. Many seniors have shared their bad experiences with other medications including opioids and find that marijuana and CBD’s do not have the side effects or addictive qualities of opioids.

Legality vs. Legitimacy

A lot of seniors still harbor fear of the legitimacy and legality of recreational and  medical marijuana.  Largely this fear stems from the Feds stance on legality with  Jeff Sessions rescinding the COLE MEMO. The majority of citizens of all ages feel he is way behind the times and fails to understand the benefits.


Federal Justice

Marijuana and seniors

The Sessions effect, however, has some legislators moving forward in various states with legalizing industrial hemp. This would remove marijuana from list of controlled substances.  A new bill has also been introduced The Marijuana Freedom and Justice Act. It would legalize marijuana, retroactively clear records of the convicted and introduce taxes to repair communities that have been damaged by marijuana prohibition. These are small steps forward which are good for all of us even though we at Holden Farms and many of you are waiting for that giant leap.



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