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Sleep Better with CBD & Melatonin

CBD and melatonin may be the dynamic duo to combat sleepless nights and put insomnia to bed.

Tossing and turning and getting little to no sleep is familiar for many of us. It is reported that 30% of adults complain about not getting enough sleep and it is estimated that 25% are afflicted with some form of chronic insomnia.

There are many experts who believe that this is due to longer working hours which leaves less time for doing other things in life, so we stay up longer to squeeze in more that we need to get done in our personal lives.

Others believe it is due in part to our highly mechanized and digital world. Electronics and light keep us up longer.

The truth is the effects of sleep deprivation have been documented for centuries long before 60 hour work weeks and electricity.

The conclusion through the centuries has been that sleep deprivation is painful and it was used as a method of torture throughout the ages.

Today research shows that lack of sleep can affect memory, concentration, and mood. There are also serious consequences to one’s physical and mental well-being.

Americans spend approximately 40 billion dollars a year on sleep aids from practical things like pillows and mattresses. There are also remedies for relief in the form of prescription meds & homeopathic supplements.

Melatonin is natural as our own bodies produce it. It regulates our sleep and wake cycle known as circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythm responds primarily to dark and light and melatonin levels rise in the evening with darkness preparing our bodies for a restful state.

New studies are finding that even mild changes in weather can affect your circadian rhythm. Cold weather stimulates sleep-activated neurons, so there is a truth in the line “ A long winter’s nap.”

Some people have lowered melatonin in their body which is caused by various circumstances.

A condition known as non 24 sleep disorder is prevalent in blind people and melatonin does help regulate their circadian rhythm. That way blind people can be in the rhythm of resting at night and more active in daylight.

People who suffer from high blood pressure can have lower levels of melatonin. And medications taken for blood pressure can also lower your melatonin.
Adults over the age of 50 begin to have lowered melatonin simply due to aging.

Taking melatonin can help all these conditions.

There are other issues that disrupt sleep.

Such as people who work “third shift” aka “graveyard”. They disrupt their circadian rhythm because they are awake and working during dark hours and sleeping during daylight hours. This disruption can lead to many illnesses such as obesity & diabetes. Melatonin has been found to be useful in regulating sleep patterns for people who work night shifts.

Researchers have found it to be effective in reducing insomnia related to depression. It is also recommended for people before they go in for surgery to reduce anxiety.

Studies have shown that Women who suffer from endometriosis can reduce pain medication by adding melatonin supplements to their regimen.

How does CBD work in conjunction with melatonin?

Researchers have found that CBD works synergistically with melatonin. The two together have better results to regulate sleep than separately.

CBD interacts with (cannabinoidal) receptors in our body and this helps with pain relief, inflammation and relaxation. If you can calm your body down at night, of course you will ease into sleep much quicker.

Combine CBD with what your body needs for sleep, melatonin, it is a powerful combination that can give you sweet dreams.

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