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Racial Inequality and Marijuana

Black Lives Matter. Let us start by saying that we fully support the movement to improve racial injustice in America. We’re against police brutality. Our founders worked for César Chávez. They participated in the Rodney King protests. And today they, their children, and the entire Holden Farms team are in full support of the current …

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Let’s Talk About The CBD Stigma

If you’re unfamiliar with CBD, the idea of it can be scary. There’s a lot of stigma around cannabis, and the topic seems quite taboo.  Here’s what we wish you knew about cannabis.  Cannabis is a plant divided into two categories: marijuana and hemp.  Marijuana  Marijuana is what people usually think about when the topic …

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Marijuana possession

To Forgive is Divine – Marijuana Possession Forgiven in Legal States

The legalization of marijuana possession has brought an interesting side of past convictions to the forefront of discussion. Various states across the country are looking to address the way past convictions are handled and prosecuted. Marijuana Possession Expunged According to this Huffington Post Article, Colorado, Maryland, and New Hampshire have made it easier for people …

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Marijuana use athletes

Athletes allowed marijuana use!

Doping and WADA         The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is the most prestigious sports regulator.  They are the watch dog for the sports world that oversees testing for doping and they create policies and regulations that all athletes must follow. WADA ruled that athletes may now use   a component of the marijuana plant Cannabidiol …

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