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What are the benefits of CBD?

An almost 20 year old study sought to discover the therapeutic properties of cannabidiol (CBD). The results were impressive: CBD has anti-convulsive, anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic, anti-nausea, anti-oxidative, and anti-rheumatoid arthritic properties. 

CBD has anti-convulsive properties

Perhaps one of the most commonly known traits of CBD is its anti-convulsive properties. A study in the 70s showed CBD was just as effective as DPH and other seizure medications. 

CBD has anti-anxiety properties

The paper reviewed several studies that showed anxiolytic and sedative properties in CBD. CBD was found to reduce the occurrence of stress-induced ulcers. It also reduced anxiety like behavior. Researchers also explored the effects of THC and discovered CBD showed more anti-anxiety properties than THC. 

CBD has an anti-psychotic effects 

Researchers discovered CBD reduced the occurrence of stereotypical psychotic behavior, including schizophrenia. 

CBD has anti-inflammatory effects

Anti-inflammation is one of the most well known and studied properties of CBD. CBD actually modifies the production of cells in the human body that cause increased inflammation. Because of this effect, CBD is especially effective in anti-inflammation, including rheumatoid arthritis 

CBD has anti-nausea effects

In research on chemotherapy patients, CBD was found to reduce cancer treatment side effects like nausea and vomiting.

CBD has an anti-oxidative effect 

CBD is also an antioxidant. It’s especially helpful because it can cross the blood-brain barrier, eliminating free radicals in the body.

In conclusion

Research continues to be done on CBD. Even in the last 20 years, CBD has proven time and time again to be anti-convulsive, anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic, anti-nausea, anti-oxidative, and anti-rheumatoid arthritic. 

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