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What is CBD Used For?

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Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis, sometimes called hemp or marijuana. CBD is used for a variety of ailments… So what is CBD used for?

CBD Is Used For Sleep

CBD reduces inflammation and pain and helps you relax. When your body is relaxed, you’re able to sleep. When your mind stops racing and worrying, you’re able to sleep. There’s a bit more science behind it, but one of the first ways some folks choose to try CBD is by using it for sleep. (Try our melatonin + CBD gummies if this seems like the right choice for you!)

CBD Is Used For Anxiety

We’re noticing more and more folks trying CBD to manage their anxiety. CBD is a natural anxiolytic, helping with anxiety, panic disorders, PTSD, and even those experiencing anxiety around public speaking.

CBD Is Used For Nausea

The results of a study on CBD and nausea suggest that CBD produced anti-nausea effects in rats. Other studies suggest this is because CBD interacts with seratonin receptors, reducing nausea.

CBD Is Used For Cancer

In studies on CBD and cancer, researchers discovered a connection between CBD and killer cells, tumor cell death, the ability to stop cancer cells from growing, and even increasing the efficacy of conventional cancer treatments.

CBD Is Used For Cardiovascular Health

CBD may reduce the damage from damaged blood vessels, protect blood vessels, and even reduce heart rate and blood pressure!

CBD Is Used For Inflammation

CBD used for inflammation is one of the most common ailments we see around here. Inflammation in or out of the body can be targeted with CBD, through topical ointments or internal supplements.

CBD Is Used For Autoimmune Diseases and Inflammatory Bowel Disease

CBD may prevent colitis (IBD), restore normal gut motility, and even has antibiotic properties.

CBD Is Used For Improving the Nervous System

CBD has been studied and shown early signs of improving ALS, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimers diseases. CBD may even help protect the brain from cell death.

CBD Is Used For Treating Drug Addiction

Researchers have been testing CBD as aid for weaning patients from cocaine and meth addictions, and the results are encouraging.

CBD Is Used For Pain Relief

One of the most studied areas of ways CBD can help is in the world of pain. CBD may help a variety of both acute and chronic pain, including nerve-related pain.

CBD Is Used For Seizures and Epilepsy

CBD first came onto the scene as a way to help with seizures. Charlotte Figi is considered a pioneer in this area. In fact, a strain of cannabis is named for her.

CBD Is Used For Sickle Cell Disease

One study in CBD and sickle cell focused primarily on the pain that comes with this disease. CBD was shown to drastically improve pain and quality of life.

CBD Is Used For Pets

CBD is great for our furry family, too. Animals have endocannabinoid systems just like humans, so they benefit too. If your pet has pain, inflammation, or even anxiety, CBD may be a good choice to help improve their quality of life.

Ready to try CBD in your life? Learn how to use CBD here!

And if you’re curious about the science behind how CBD works to heal your body, learn more here.

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